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Dental Assistants Needed! Make a difference to those in need. Work with us.


Provide the full scope of dental health care services which fall under his/her field of training, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, coordination of care and maintenance to patients of all ages.


  1. Assist the dentist during examination and treatment of patients
  2. Provide diagnostic aid, including exposing and developing radiographs, taking and recording medical and dental histories, recording vital signs and taking preliminary impressions for study casts as needed.
  3. Perform prophylaxis and fluoride treatments on children, and give oral hygiene instructions.
  4. Prepare operatory, instruments, and patient for dental treatment
  5. Coordinate arrival and departure of patient with receptionist
  6. Properly clean and sterilize (or disinfect when appropriate) instrument equipment, operatory, and laboratory as patient flow or procedures dictate
  7. Five post-operative instructions to the patient as prescribed by the dentist
  8. Possess a working knowledge of medical emergencies and assist in the management of them
  9. Assist dentist in screening and education programs, including off-site
  10. Restock and order supplies and maintain inventory control as assigned by the Center Manager with input from dentist.
  11. Responsible for maintenance of autoclave, x-ray developer, and water system at specified intervals.
  12. Maintain strictest confidentiality.
  13. Any other duties as assigned.


  1. High school graduate or equivalent
  2. Certification of completion of dental assistant training
  3. Expanded Function Certification
  4. Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certificate (CPR)


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