How the National Transition to ICD-10 Will Affect Patients

Aug 25, 2015

How the National Transition to ICD-10 Will Affect Patients

by | Aug 25, 2015

Over the last three years North Florida Medical Centers, Inc. (NFMC) has seen many changes to meet new electronic medical record requirements set by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

These changes are challenging for all medical facilities across the country as well as their patients. Clinicians and staff at North Florida Medical Centers, Inc. appreciate your patience as we continue to work at meeting these challenging requirements.

A new transition is directly ahead of us…

On October 1, 2015 medical facilities across the United States will be required to convert to the ICD-10 coding method. This is a method of coding your medical care visits with more specific detail in order for insurance to process your claims. In September all North Florida Medical Center staff will undergo training and conversion to the new medical coding system.

How will this affect you?

You may experience longer wait times in scheduling appointments. You may also experience slower than usual billing process of your insurance claims. There may be denials or rejections that we will need to work through that will slow down our billing.

North Florida Medical Centers, Inc. has been preparing for this transition for several months and feel we are ready, however, we are at the mercy of the insurance companies as they must also be prepared for this transition.

We are hoping for a smooth conversion that will have little to no effect on you as our patient. We ask for your continued patience through this transition of the new federally mandated medical coding system.

Thank you for allowing us to be your medical home and healthcare provider.


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